Directors and servants

The one that just does the work is the one that never gets anywhere. He may think he’s made progress but really he’s just being led further the path the director wishes. It’s really a never-ending situation because he will jump from one mindless task to another with only the instructions of his director to carry him.

More than anything, he never owns anything he creates. He is a worker and nothing more.

The one that does the creating, on the other hand, is the one that gets to call the shots. He leads his servant down the path he wishes and builds his image along the way. The director will never need because he has the servant to do his bidding.

The business world is full of relationships just like this. Unfortunately, it’s usually the untrained manager or the client in the role of the director. But the servant is likely to be better suited to handle the task at hand. Consider the freelancer who works for the client. The client doesn’t know the profession of the freelancer, and yet, he drives the creating. Why?

The failed project is the one that the director creates when he has no ability to do so. The successful project though, is the one where the servant is the creator and the director understands his role as servant.

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