Breaking a model.

I’ve been trying to think of something new to build that will impact people in a positive way. One that will help people’s lives in some form or fashion.

Our inclination is to stick with a traditional model that has worked well in the past. That’s the easier path, but still a hard one.

The more difficult, but possibly more rewarding path, is to break an old model. Though I would venture to say that most people wouldn’t recommend it, it’s definitely where my head is. Changing the way people find places to stay while on vacation like Airbnb did wasn’t a simple execution. It met plenty of challenges. Allowing people to rent your car while you’re not using it like Flightcar or Getaround takes guts. Even creating a line of eyeglasses that people want to buy more than one pair of like Warby Parker, had it’s moments of struggle.

But they all broke an old model. And I will create something someday that will break a model. Which model exactly is up for grabs. But I assure you that it will have an impact on God’s kingdom in some way. For that, is the ultimate goal.


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