A Simple Diagram to Help You Find New Clients


Branding and marketing have been taught for ages. You can find any number of blogs and magazines out there where people explain what it is and the best way to go about doing it for your business. Admittedly, some to a great job of explaining the terms and simple ways of implementing.

But most often, it’s far too complicated. My goal is to make it insanely simple for you.

Today I’m going to introduce a concept that you may have seen before. I took this sketch from one of the ways the Gospel is presented, but I think it works perfectly in terms of what separates us from our clients. So here we go.

The Problem

A major issue for those of us building a brand or starting any type of business is exposure. We may have the best and most efficient system or product on the market, but how in the world do we actually get it into the hands of people who will purchase?

I recently did a poll where I asked people what their number one problem was with growing their business and, unanimously, it was finding new clients.

But what if I told you that you won’t always have to find new clients?

What if I told you that all you needed to find were a few very specific clients initially and let your effective branding and messaging take care of the rest?

I bet you’d be all over that!

So here is my process.

The Problem is Actually Us

You see, we too often look at problems we face and say “I can’t grow because the economy sucks” or “I can’t find new clients because I don’t have tons of advertising dollars.” But the truth is, we need to look at ourselves and examine what WE are doing wrong instead of trying to pinpoint a problem such as outside factors.

Maybe the problem isn’t the economy. I can tell you right now that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of people I have seen online or met that are thriving today. They stopped making excuses and put in the hard work to make their business work and grow. And it’s paid off!

And if you still think you need thousands of dollars to advertise your business or build a website, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, if you still believe that, this site probably isn’t right for you.

BUT, if you think there is a way to do this without taking out a small business loan, you’re perfect. So let’s dig in!

In the Beginning

You had a dream of providing something of incredible value to your clients. You have a product or service that is just awesome and you want to share it with the world! And the few people you’ve been able to connect with it are excited about it! They really do love it or your services and are very happy with the results.

So what’s the issue here?

Like I said, the number one problem people face is finding new clients. So let me explain the diagram below.


The premise is this:

Your lack of effective messaging directly correlates to your level of authority. But by focusing on the needs and wants of your market, you can build an engaged audience that will brand you as that authority.
(You gotta tweet that!)

On the left is you. On the right are your potential clients. The issue is that big chasm that is between. It’s filled with competition, lack of branding and lack of exposure. There may be some other things in there as well.

On your side, you’ve got messaging, authority and products. On their side, they’ve got wants, needs and problems.

Now it just so happens that doing one thing really well can help you build the bridge those people need to get to you. That one thing is effective, targeted messaging.

By sending over that effective, targeted messaging, you will build your brand by creating an engaged audience. That engaged audience will then tell you their wants and needs which will allow you to cater your products and services to them even more. Which, in turn, will connect with even more people who want your services.

And, in doing that, you will become the authority you rightfully are as you help them solve problems.

Finally, when we become the authority in a given niche, we no longer have to worry about finding new clients. They come to us. It’s then that your effective messaging closes the deal and they become raving fans (affiliate link) of your work.

Your Homework

Yes, you have to do this. I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself.

Remember at the beginning of this article where I said you will only need to find a few clients to grow your business? Well, those few clients need to be very targeted. They need to be a very specific audience or this will never work. So I’m going to provide you with a worksheet you can download and fill out.

But in return for giving you this worksheet, I want you to do 2 things for me.

1) Leave a comment telling me what you think about this diagram. Does it help you understand the problem so many of us have AND what is your main takeaway from it?

2) After you complete the worksheet, come back here and leave a comment with what you put for step number 2. We want to know that you found who your niche person is. Tell us their “name” and everything you know about them. It’s okay if it takes you a couple days, just do it and do it right!

Download the worksheet here.

So that’s all for now. I hope this helps clarify something that too many people overcomplicate. Keep in mind, this is just one step on the path to finding those few clients you need to get rolling. We’ll explore more over the next week or so. Just to make sure you don’t miss any articles, why don’t you signup for them and my weekly branding newsletter. You can do so here.

6 thoughts on “A Simple Diagram to Help You Find New Clients”

    1. In this day and age I would say you almost can’t get too specific. With all the communities that are online for everything from monkey trainers to chicken racers, I can’t imagine you’d go too narrow.

      Keep in mind that your market would be something like “health and fitness” and your niche would be “women who do crossfit”…you could even say crossfit in your particular town if you wanted to. Just research the market a bit, find the niche you wish you talk to, and see how big it is. I think we’ll always be surprised how large a “small” niche group actually is.

      Hope that helps.

  1. I immediately noticed the similarities in the drawing. The simplicity is great. Helping people understand how to bridge the gap visually helps the mind in a positive way. The return from the “potential clients” is not as easily detected without reading your post and attachment (for me). But it is implied from the illustration.

    Serving others and providing valuable resources is something that people enjoy.

    1. Yeah I knew the diagram would be difficult to understand without seeing it drawn out in real time. I may end up doing a webinar on this at some point…Still thinking things through of course but we’ll see where it goes and what can be added.

      Any suggestions?

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