A path to success can only be taken one time

How it is that certain people attain a goal or level that we hope to achieve someday? Others attempt the same course as the successor did and achieve nowhere near the same level. In fact, every time we ever hear of someone achieving what they wanted, it was by chance (chance through perseverance of course) that they found a way there.

And by chance, I of course mean that God’s hand allowed it or caused it. No things are just by chance or luck.

The conclusion is that any success is attainable by a certain path only one time. There is little chance of someone doing the exact same steps and achieving the same level of success as the author of those steps. This is why how-to’s are worthless. Why courses should not be setup to teach a particular path or solution to a problem, but rather, they should be a guiding tool by which the student is able to apply in their very own way.

So if a particular outcome is achievable only one time from a certain path, what is necessary for the successor to leave behind or teach so that others can learn from his path?

Experience. The great teachers with a heart for allowing others to learn know how to impress a course of action on us that requires us to do our own thinking and working. They do not show us the path. They allude to it.

Ultimately, the only chance of success lies in whether the character, capacity and tenacity of the individual are in perfect unison.

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