8 traits that make us extraordinary products of an imperfect system.

I am the perfect product of a system. A system that has been producing a particular way of thinking for many years. My features are as follows.

  • afraid to fail
  • wants more stuff
  • strives for a specific definition of success
  • always feels behind
  • rarely tries new things
  • looks for shortcuts
  • hopes for rewards
  • rule follower

When I look at these things I find it difficult to see any good in them. Living them, many seem okay. Wanting success can’t be bad right? What definition? Following rules can’t be bad. What rules?

And when I look across our society, I see more of the same. Products that have come off the conveyor belt next to flawless. What we didn’t realize when the industrial age started, was that the byproducts (meaning us) would slowly drive us into the ground. A race to the bottom you don’t want to win.

Interestingly enough, it’s moments like this one that I gain clarity of the goal of my life. I don’t see it perfectly, but I do see it better. And when I look at my life from a birds eye view, I don’t necessarily like what I’m seeing. Change is a must. Change is all the hope we have left.

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