6 Essential Tips for Small Business Marketing

We all know that small business marketing can be tough, especially in today’s times. That’s exactly why I’m creating a FREE eBook, 6 Essential Tips for Small Business Marketing, that will give you a high level approach to knowing what you need to look for when starting your next web or marketing project. This post is simply to outline what will be in the book…so read on for the section details and stay tuned next week for the release of the eBook!

Essential Tips for Small Business Marketing

Why 6 tips? Because that’s where I drew the line on what I think is important to look for when starting your next project. There are of course more things you can do…but my personal experience is that anything outside of these are not essential. And for the purpose of this free eBook, I wanted to keep it the bare minimum you’ll need and want for a quick start. Of course, you can always contact me for consulting which will provide you with a more in depth approach to what you need to do.

So onto the book outline. The book will provide the following:

SECTION 1: Get Scared

How fear is a great way to get motivated and bring out your courage

SECTION 2: Read A Ton

There’s loads of information out there, go get it. Blogs and most online resources are free (such as this eBook) and many great books are super cheap on Amazon (affiliate link) and other sites.

SECTION 3: Hire Only Professionals

Amateurs will always cost you more than they can make you. Don’t scrimp.

SECTION 4: Use Online Marketing

SEO and PPC are very affordable if you look around. Many companies specialize in certain industries, just look around industry publications and you’re likely to find great information.

SECTION 5: Use Social Media

This is a must. No exceptions. Get involved, you’d be surprised how easy it is, how many tools help you be productive and how many current customers are just waiting for you to connect with them.

SECTION 6: Build A Platform

Read the book, Platform (affiliate link) by Michael Hyatt. He thoroughly explains what it is, why it’s a necessity today and how to do it.

So there you go. A free eBook coming out on essential small business marketing. That’s the sections of the book outlined and hopefully sparking some interest. Be sure to share this post to get the word out and when the book comes out, it will be free as well!


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