1 thing we need to fix all that’s broken

Beating people up with your ideas isn’t always a good thing. We get tired of it and tune out if we don’t care much or believe in it.

But the funny thing is, we need to accept that to be okay with it. The people that will give us attention are the ones we need. They are the ones that will help us build that small army to thrive today.

Connection branding is no different. I’m beating you over the head with it not only because I want my idea to spread, but because it works.

It works because it’s where we’re at. It works because it’s what this economy needs. It’s what business owners and individuals need to understand over the coming years. It works because it’s simple and gets back to the core of business.

So much is broken. Education. Corporate America. Factory settings. The music industry. You name it, it’s broken.

I’m going to make an extremely bold statement and say that connection branding is the fix.

A connection brand is one that cares about the people involved on all levels. It needs them to survive. To thrive. To spread.

A connection brand allows us to get in and experience what’s going on behind the scenes like never before. It allows us to be part of something larger than ourselves.

It fixes entire industries from the bottom up, not the top down.

Apple fixed a dying cell phone market.

Danny Iny filled in a gap with easy to understand marketing for small business.

Jeff Goins told us we are writers.

Brian Clark revolutionized copywriting.

Seth Godin. He needs no explanation.

These are connection brands that have brought us along for an incredible ride. There are many others like them. And many more we’ll see in the future.

A connection brand changes things. It revolutionizes. It matters. (You gotta tweet that!)

The connection economy has brought with it many changes that broke our old system. But it’s given us an opportunity to create new things that work in different ways. It’s allowed us to build connection with people like never before.

That’s what we want. We want challenges to conquer. Mountains to climb and a reason to get up in the morning.

The reason connection works is because it’s where our society is at. We all want to be connected to something larger than ourselves. And the brands that allow us to do that…well…

they win.

Do you agree?

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